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Our personal Goal and Aim for each Client is the same:

Use stabilized leverage investments to build our Client’s Wealth, and ensure Capital Preservation.

Our Core Areas


Private Capital Management

Commercial Real Estate Trust Deed Investments  – Investors opportunity to earn Monthly Structured Income with Principle Protection Insurance


Portfolio Direct Bridge Loan Commercial Financing

Short Term Asset Based Hard Money Bridge Funding Providing Debt, Preferred Equity, Equity, Mezzanine


Venture Capital Opportunity Fund

Providing Private Placement Angel /Seed Fund Capital  for Start Ups, Emerging Businesses, Mergers & Acquisitions with Debt, Equity, Joint Ventures


Deal Syndication Placements

Joint Venture Participation with other Qualified Sponsors to Syndicate Real Estate & VC  Deal opportunities

About Us

We are Leading Global Alternative  Private Real Estate & VC Investment Firm, for Client’s seeking Superior investment performance through the use of Private Real Estate Markets and VC opportunities.  Our Clients future and trust is always our first priority and this make us always begin with the end in mind first and allows us to take long patient steady approaches to our capital deployment.  We work with Institutional Investors, Foreign  Nationals Investors, Pension Funds, Insurance, Accredited and None Accredited Investors, Private Funds, Trust, Private Equity, Universities, Businesses, IRA Fund Managers and Hedge Funds.

We are an Asset Based Capital Management Firm.

We Realize potential in Private Markets by financing and developing great companies, and desirable real estate and essential infrastructure.

We build value for our Clients by using  two Innovative strategic platforms:

Acquiring Asset Based Acquisitions

Our selective discounted Commercial Real Estate properties that have solid upsides, stabilizes  predictable Cash Flow, in great metropolitan  markets and that have strong appreciation potential.   We invest through our own loyal and  dedicated Team around the country and the globe who are some of the best of the best in Deal Origination.


Asset Based Debt/Equity Financing

Our Real Estate Investments strategy allows us to Finance across the capital structure nationally in either debt – equity instruments based on our relative investment approach. We are a Short Term Hard Money Bridge Loan Financier.

We create value in our investments through active and long term responsible ownership and pass those benefits on to our Clients.